Build and Renovate your Businesses through planning, designing & development.

We design, develop & launch sophisticated Digital products planned to drive growth for your Business.


Our Distinctive Features

Build and Renovate your Businesses through planning, designing & development.
We design, develop & launch sophisticated Digital products planned to drive growth for your Business.

A Rich Experience

A Rich Experience

We design and develop applications to offer an exclusive experience that is not available elsewhere. The most important features of the mobile application are utility & value. We provide genuine value to our users through the development of applications.

Innate & Easy Navigation

Innate & Easy Navigation

While developing we keep in mind the stability and intuitiveness of an application. We plan according to the targeted audience of the application. We put an extra effort to make the design of the application more intuitive and less complex.

user experience


At App Bouwen, we create applications that users can personalize them according to their needs. Personalized applications enhance the user experience and create ease for the customers to shop or get information.

Multiple Payment Options

Multiple Payment Options

We give alternate payment methods in our commerce applications. Customers hesitate to provide their credit card information. By having multiple options, the customers feel safe while shopping online.

About Us

Dedicated to being valuable & ambitious in App Development.
App Bouwen is believed to be one of the best App Development and IT services providers. We mainly focus on challenging conservative methods in App development. We create bespoke mobility solutions for businesses. App Bouwen helps startups and brands work smart in Mobile Application Innovation through problem-solving skills. We measure the success of our company in such a way on how the customers share, enjoy and obtain information from our applications. Our App Development team consists of experts who are passionate about the work and put an extra effort to reach success and achieve goals irrespective of their surroundings.
We have made our reputation with hard work, ambitious team, and honesty. We are keen to provide the most effective, innovative, and practical solutions in developing each project into a success story. We are providing scalable services addressing all sorts of businesses.

Our Work

We emphasize the imaginative procedure, world-class design, and driving innovation ability that makes us who we are. Here are the glimpses of the work we are doing


Business apps can streamline your business’s financial tasks, including payroll and taxes, and give you a better picture of your company’s financial health. We develop applications that help equally, from a small business to big corporations.


Managing money, sticking to a budget, and even handling investment decisions are easier than ever before, given the plethora of personal finance apps out there. These applications enable people to make smart decisions about their money every day.

Education App

Finding an educational app of high-quality is a daunting task. App Bouwen develops educational applications that provide information and challenge your brain. We offer applications from online courses to language learning and many other educations related applications.

health apps
Health & Fitness

Our health & fitness related applications help you with your diet plan and you can learn easy workout techniques, hence eliminating the need for gym instructor. These applications keep track of your daily calorie intake and help you stay in shape.

Beauty app

Beauty applications allow users to undergo a virtual makeover to a completely new level. We develop several states of the art makeover applications that provide users with makeup simulations, cosmetic colors and attractive makeovers.

Music app

Finding free music is a lot easier than it used to be. Almost every one of us has some music applications on their phones. App Bouwen has a lot of variations in music app development. We develop free music apps, radio apps and music streaming apps for our customers.

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Our Services

Smartphone Applications have changed our routine as they have become an essential part of our lives. Our team of experts develops applications that fulfill their business needs. We develop expertise in every phase of product creation, resulting in phenomenal digital experiences.

iOS Development
iOS Development

Developing for App Store put your app in the hands of dedicated users. Using Swift & Objective C, we develop iPhone applications. App Bouwen is the name behind many popular iOS applications that are custom made keeping in mind the specific design & development guidelines related to all the individual platforms.

Android Development

App Bouwen excels in developing Android Applications that cater to the business needs of our clients. Each application we develop is backed by thorough market research. Our developers create applications using JAVA & Kotlin with a mix of technical soundness and logical creativity.


When it comes to cross-platform solutions, customers want a product that can handle complexity without compromising the performance and feel of a native application. Our team of developers knows very well how to create apps from a single code base that performs well regardless of the platform.

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